Does Upgrading Your Car Affect The Warranty?

If you’re into cars, then you’ve probably seen some pretty great mods over your time.

While modifications and upgrades can help you create your dream car, some of them can actually totally void the warranty of your car.

If you’re planning on making some changes to your baby, then make sure you take the following info into account, that way you can ensure that your dream car is going to be protected.

Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your car.

Type of Upgrade Type: Body Kits

One of the most common upgrades car lovers tend to make is the car body kits. A car body kit is essentially an additional component that you can add to the standard body of a car – it can be anything from spoilers and rear bumpers to side skirts and front lips.

A car body kit is a simple way to totally transform the look and feel of your car, however there has long been confusion as to whether this is going to affect your car’s warranty.

In recent years, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) clarified this point to advise that body kits that do not require serious modifications to install or attach them or that can be easily interchanged with the original parts of your car will NOT void the warranty.

Basically, if it requires changes or modifications to your actual car to install the new components, then you should be cautious about upgrading your car this way. If you’re not sure whether the installation will require modifications, it’s a good idea to talk to your car dealer.

Another factor to consider is that if you’re planning on painting your car after the custom body kit upgrade, this can void your warranty.

Type of Upgrade: Tyres and Wheels

If you’ve been in the car world for a while, you’re probably well aware that upgrading and modifying the wheels and tyres is one of the biggest ways to make a statement.

While new wheels or tyres can have a big impact, aftermarket wheels will almost always lead to your car’s warranty being voided.

While this might be frustrating news to rev heads, it’s all about safety. The wheels are obviously an extremely important part of your car and when they aren’t working probably it can lead to major issues.

The suspension system as well as the drivetrain system in many cars has been configured to work with specific wheels and tyres, and the wrong ones can lead to major dramas.

You can always talk to your car dealer about wheel and tyre modifications as they will have a lot of info on the matter. They might also have some product ideas and suggestions to suit your particular car.

Type of Upgrade: Repairs

We know what you’re thinking, a repair isn’t an upgrade, and while we agree with you, there is some important warranty information you should know.

Essentially, when it comes to keeping your warranty in tact and repairs, you want to ensure that any parts used in the repair process are either manufacturer made or approved. This includes nuts and bolts – every little part. This also means that you can work with an independent repair technician or car shop as long as they meet these requirements.

If you’re having your car serviced by an independent car technician, then the same thing goes, all fluids and materials used during the service should be those that are specified in the warranty information.

Upgrade Your Ride

When it comes to upgrading your car there are certainly some limitations if you want to ensure that your car’s warranty is still valid. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go ahead and modify your ride.

Make sure you take our advice into consideration, speak to your car dealer, your car technician and only work with the best body kits and parts out there.

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