25 Basic Car Body Parts Their Function and Name

Car body Parts

Body Parts of a car are just like the body parts of a human body, which complete a car and without them, a car cannot exist.

Have you ever looked at the engine of your car and wondered what the names of car parts were? In this article, you’re going to explore the major components of a car and learn not only what the part is called, but also what it does.

The Body Parts of a car include:

1. Bearings

A wheel bearing is an integral part of the wheel assembly that connects the wheel and axle.

2. Body Kits

A body kit or body kit is a set of modified body parts or additional components that are installed in a production car. Typically consisting of front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hoods (hood scoop), and sometimes front and rear side guards and roof scoops.

3. Body Shell

Body (plural bodies) The main body of a motor vehicle rests on the chassis and into which the engine is fitted, mechanical and electrical systems, seats, etc.

4. Body Trim

Car trim is the element that can be attached to the outside and inside of an automobile to make it more attractive.

5. Bonnet

A hood, also known as a bonnet in some other countries, is the flip cover that rests over the engine of a front-engined vehicle. The aim is to enable access to the engine for repairs and maintenance. A hidden latch is typically used to hold the hood in place.

6. Bonnet Grill

In automotive engineering, a radiator grille covers an opening in the body of a vehicle so that air can enter or exit. Most vehicles have a grille on the front of the vehicle to protect the radiator and engine.

7. Brake Fluid Bottle

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch applications in vehicles. Brake fluid is exposed to very high temperatures, especially in the wheel cylinders of drum brakes and disc brake calipers. It must have a high boiling point to avoid evaporation within the lines.

8. Bumper Grill

A bumper grille is a plastic or metal grille that is installed as an attachment or built into the bumper cover of a vehicle. These grids are typically made of aluminum, stainless steel, or ABS plastic.

Car body Parts · 1. Bearings · 2. Body Kits · 3. Body Shell · 4. Body Trim · 5. Bonnet · 6. Bonnet Grill · 7. Brake Fluid Bottle · 8. Bumper Grill.

9. Bumper Guards

Car bumper Guards: To keep your car free from scratches and scrapes. You simply cannot avoid this possibility, but you can safely shield your car’s bumper with some excellent guards or guards that are available in the market.

10. Bumper

A bumper is a structure that is attached to or integrated into the front and rear ends of a motor vehicle to absorb shock in the event of a minor collision and ideally to minimize repair costs. Bumpers ideally minimize differences in height between vehicles and protect pedestrians from injury.

11. Cabin Parts

Inside parts of the cabinet

12. Cables

Cables are the wiring of the car to connect every electrical item to the battery.

13. Coolant Bottle

The coolant reservoir is the plastic reservoir mounted in the engine compartment in which the coolant for the engine is stored. Coolant tanks are required because of engines warm up and cool down through cycles that expel and absorb coolant.

14. Dashboard

A dashboard (also known as a dashboard, instrument panel (IP), or bezel) is a control panel located in the center console of a vehicle or small airplane. Usually located right in front of the driver (or pilot), it displays instruments and controls for operating the vehicle.

15. Door Parts

Car Door Interior · Door Panel · Interior Door Handle · Window Regulator · Window Crank/Switch · Power Window Motor · Door Locks and Latches.

16. Fenders

Fender is the American term for the part of an automobile, motorcycle or other vehicle body that frames a wheel arch (the underside of the fender). Its main purpose is to prevent sand, mud, stones, liquids, and other street sprays from being thrown into the air by the rotating tire.

17. Fog Lamp

Rear fog lights are required by law for all vehicles. Fog lights are only used on certain models, usually as an aesthetic addition to vehicles with higher specifications. All new cars have DRL daytime running lights which should also help ensure that the car is seen on the road.

18. Glass

The first piece of glass you come across on most vehicles is the windshield. Also known as the windshield on European cars. The windshield plays a vital role in supporting the structure of the vehicle and protecting the driver and passengers.

19. License Plate And Brackets

A vehicle’s license plate is commonly known as ‘a number plate’. It is a metal plate that is attached to a vehicle and has the official registration number of a vehicle embossed on it.

20. Mirror

A rear-view mirror (or rearview mirror) is a flat mirror in automobiles and other vehicles, designed to allow the driver to see rearward through the vehicle’s rear window (rear windshield).

21. Mud Flaps

Whether you have a car, SUV, or truck, getting a mud flap for your vehicle is a must. This automotive accessory helps prevent dirt and grime to reach sensitive parts of the vehicle, especially the undercarriage which is prone to rust and corrosion. Mudflaps are also called mudguards or splash guards.

22. Quarter Panels

A quarter panel (British English: rear wing) is the body panel (exterior surface) of an automobile between a rear door (or only door on each side for two-door models) and the trunk (boot) and typically wraps around the wheel well.

23. Sunroof

A sunroof is a movable panel that opens to uncover a window in an automobile roof, allowing light and/or fresh air to enter the passenger compartment. Sunroofs can be manually operated or motor-driven, and are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

24. Wheel

The rim is the “outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire”. It makes up the outer circular design of the wheel on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such as automobiles.

25. Windshield Washer Motor

The windshield washer pump (motor) is located at the bottom of the windshield washer fluid tank. In most cars, the windshield washer tank is located behind the front bumper, in front of one of the front wheels; see the illustration.

26. Wiper

A wiper is a device that wipes rain from a vehicle’s windscreen.


What are the body parts called on a car?

1. Bonnet/hood. Bonnet/hood. Car cover. Support stick. Hinges and springs.
2. Bumper. Unexposed bumper. Exposed bumper.
3. Cowl screen.
4. Decklid.
5. Fender (wing or mudguard)
6. Grille (also called grill)
7. Pillar and hard trim.

What Are The Panels On A Car Called?

A similar front section between the door and the hood (bonnet) is called a fender (front wing), and may sometimes also be referred to as a quarter panel. Quarter panels are typically made of sheet metal but are sometimes made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or fiber-reinforced plastic.

What Is The Main Part Of A Car?

The chassis of an automobile has the frame, suspension system, axles, and wheel as the main components.

How do I identify a car part?

To obtain the correct car part:
1. Vehicle identification number (VIN) – this is a number that specifically relates to your car, and can be used to locate the right part.
2. Part codes – on some occasions, the part itself will have a code, though you might need to dig through the dirt and grease to see it.

What is the front body of a car called?

Bonnet. noun. British the front part of a car that covers the engine. The American word is hood.