What is The Melting Point of Yttrium?

Yttrium has a Melting Point of 1526°C (2779°F), meaning at 1526°C it will turn into a liquid.

Yttrium is a silvery metal that is known for its unique chemical and physical properties. It is a chemical element with the symbol Y and atomic number 39, and it is one of the rare earth elements that are widely used in modern technologies.

The melting point of Yttrium is approximately 1526°C (2779°F). Yttrium is solid at room temperature and has a density similar to titanium. It melts at 1526°C, which is similar to iron. This high melting point makes Yttrium a valuable metal for a range of high-temperature applications.

Yttrium is never found as a pure element on Earth, and it only has one naturally occurring isotope. It is used in electronics, synthetic crystals, alloys, and radiation therapy.

Yttrium is used in the production of high-temperature superconductors, which are materials that can conduct electricity with zero resistance at high temperatures.

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