What is The Melting Point of Indium?

Indium has a Melting Point of 156.60°C (313.9°F), meaning at 156.60°C it will turn into a liquid.

The melting point of indium is 156.60°C (313.9°F). It is a fascinating metal that is known for its low melting point, low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity. These properties make indium an important component in many industrial and technological applications.

Indium is a silvery-white metal that is soft and malleable. It was discovered in 1863 by Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Richter, and its name is derived from the indigo color it displays in its spectral lines. Indium has a unique combination of physical and chemical properties that make it useful in a wide range of industries.

Indium is also used in the manufacture of LCD displays. This metal is applied to the glass substrate of LCD panels as an electrode, where it forms a transparent and conductive film. The high thermal conductivity of indium makes it ideal for use in thermoelectric applications, where it is used to generate electricity from waste heat.

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