What Evidence Is Most Commonly Used in A Car Accident Case?

Evidence is crucial in car accident cases because it is used to prove who is at fault. The person at fault for the car accident will be liable for all of the damages. Even if you are partially at fault, you can still receive partial compensation. Without evidence, other parties can argue your injuries were not caused by the car accident. Miami car accident lawyers use this information to calculate how much you deserve in compensation. If you have severe injuries, your settlement will show how much you should receive. 

Some of the potential evidence which can be gathered at an accident scene includes:

  •  Information from those involved: the name, address, and telephone number, of any drivers involved in the accident should be collected. Other information such as license plate numbers and insurance information should also be obtained.
  • Witness information: any witnesses to the accident can help provide insight as to the events leading up to the accident. Gathering their names and contact information will help when filing an insurance claim.
  • Photographs: documentation is always a valuable type of evidence for any accident. Photographs of the damage to vehicles and, when possible, injuries sustained, traffic signals in the area, and nearby buildings such as stores could also be helpful.

After a bad car accident, you can expect the following to be used in your car accident case:

Medical Bills

Because your injuries were caused by a car accident, medical expenses are a form of evidence your attorney can use in your claim. For example, if you had to attend physical therapy, receive surgery, or undergo multiple imaging scans, this demonstrates your injury was severe. If your car accident was catastrophic and sustained a permanent disability, this requires an even higher settlement award.

Lost Wages

When you are injured in a car crash, you will most likely require time away from work. Because of this, you could lose income and face a financial crisis. Lost wages are a form of evidence that displays the negative impact another driver’s negligence caused you.

Repair Bills

Your car most likely will need repairs following a crash. After a visit to the mechanic, the bill you receive will be additional evidence of damages. If your insurer does not cover the entire cost of your property damage, you can include the cost into your settlement. 

Photographic Evidence

At the accident scene, you should take photographs of your car’s damage, such as broken glass, dents, or other issues. You can also take pictures of other vehicles to show the extent of the damage caused by the accident. 

Police Reports

When the police arrive at the scene, they will investigate how the car accident happened. If the other driver violates traffic laws, the police will issue a subpoena.


Any eyewitnesses can also be helpful. They can provide an account of how the car crash occurred. Your attorney will obtain testimonies from any eyewitnesses and use this information as evidence for your car accident claim. 

Traffic Camera Footage

Your car accident attorney can obtain traffic camera footage if there were any nearby cameras that recorded the accident. They are able to analyze the footage to observe who broke a traffic law and caused your car accident. 

Sobriety Tests

If the police performed a sobriety test, your attorney could obtain the results. This information can be key to winning a settlement.

Learn More from Car Accident Attorneys 

Car accident attorneys apply multiple methods and use different forms of evidence to prove who is at fault for a car accident. They are well-rounded in their approach and take into consideration every aspect of your case. With the help of a car accident attorney, you are more likely to receive maximum compensation. 

Documentation Matters Following a Car Accident

Louisiana drivers must maintain auto insurance in the event they are involved in an accident. However, since Louisiana is not a no-fault state, insurance claims must be filed with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. Insurance companies do not like to pay claims because it impacts their bottom line. Therefore, the better the documentation, the less room there is for denying a claim.

There may be more than one insurance company involved in the claims process. This is especially true if the driver of the vehicle who caused the crash was a rideshare operator or working at the time of the accident. This makes it even more critical to have definitive information about the accident and who may be at fault.

Since most car accident victims will not have a clear recollection of an accident, which is perfectly normal, having the names of witnesses and other evidence can help when identifying who was at fault for an accident.

Working with a Car Accident Lawyer Collecting Evidence

Witness memories do not last forever. Traffic camera footage is often overwritten after several days. Even footage which may be available from businesses or ATMs near the scene of the accident may be helpful in identifying the root cause of an accident. These are some of the reasons why it makes sense to reach out to an attorney as soon after an accident as possible.

A law office with experience handling auto accident claims knows the process for obtaining valuable information which will help make the insurance claim process easier for those who are involved in a car accident. Some of the steps an attorney can take include:

Victims of car accidents only have one year following an accident to file an accident injury lawsuit. This is not a lot of time when negotiations with insurance companies can often take several weeks to several months.

While most auto accident claims never go to court, working with insurance adjusters is not an overnight process. Negotiations take time to make sure after an accident a victim has the opportunity to be fully compensated for their losses.