Brabus Takes a New Approach with the Mercedes AMG EQS

2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

We know that tuning immediately makes you think of the engine. More horsepower, more torque, quicker acceleration… while those are all beautiful goals to pursue, indeed, we have to remind you that there is more to it. Brabus is now helping us with that in a brilliant way.

In short, the electric range-topper Mercedes AMG EQS 53 is the latest car to be reinvented by Brabus. However, the tuner did not use its traditional engine tune-ups to make it better. Instead, it chose to make it even more efficient. Let’s look at the outcome of all that.

Aerodynamics is the new trend

The beauty of working on thermal vehicles is that they have several components that can be improved. Electric models, however, can get a motor with a higher capacity, and batteries with a higher capacity, and that is pretty much it. This is why Brabus had to look for other solutions.

Now, do not let yourself think that Brabus used to neglect aerodynamics. On the contrary: it has a history that includes a Guinness entry for having drastically improved a Mercedes Benz car in the past. Therefore, working on the EQS’s drag comes as just another great challenge.

2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53
2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 (source: Brabus)

What does the Brabus EQS offer?

First of all, everything you would expect in terms of design. The chrome trim items are now black, there are several parts made of carbon fiber, and you will also find a set of beautiful Brabus Monoblock M forged wheels, this time with 22 inches, and wearing Pirelli P Zero tires.

Inside, there is a new upholstery made of quilted and perforated leather (that comes in any color you may want), fabric accents made of vegan materials, and more carbon-fiber items. The velour mats and the pillows for the rear headrests are made of Dinamica microfiber.

2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 insides
2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 (source: Brabus)

What about the Brabus EQS performance?

The exclusive Brabus body kit includes a front splitter, side skirts, air deflectors in front of the wheels, a rear diffuser, and a larger lip spoiler on the trunk lid. The suspension received the Brabus SportXtra module to be up to 0.8 inches lower and features a new driving mode.

As you can see, none of that affects the motor. However, it does make the AMG EQS more aerodynamic by 7.2%. The tuner states that the changes increase its EV range by 7% at the speed between 62 and 87 mph, which means more time to enjoy your car on the highway.

If you still want more power and torque, Brabus has got you covered. The Dynamic Plus pack improves the stock AMG power from 649 to 751 hp and the stock torque from 701 lb-ft to 752 lb-ft. The car goes to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and reaches the limited speed of 155 mph.

2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53
2023 Brabus Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 (source: Brabus)

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