5 Ways on How to Set Up Wi-Fi in Your Car

You shouldn’t be discouraged if your old automobile doesn’t have WiFI capability. Nowadays, thanks to technical advancements, there are more alternatives than ever for getting Wi-Fi in the car.

The methodologies have improved in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness over time. And that it’s possible to figure out how to link with Wi-Fi in the automobile.

1. Mobile hotspot

A driver without such a smartphone is difficult to fathom. So instead, use your phone’s connection in an old automobile to connect to the internet; it’s the simplest and least expensive method.

You may link tablets, Music players, or other Wi-Fi-capable gadgets to a routing protocol by turning the phone into hotspots. Thus, the goal is to concurrently enable your cell phone’s broadband and router features.

You may activate the hotspot feature from the device manager or use a compatible app based on the device type. You may activate the hotspot feature from the device manager or use compatible mobile apps based on the device type.

The most significant benefit of employing this approach is how straightforward it is. This only requires a few touches to switch on. Additionally, you are not required to purchase extra data.

The disadvantage of mobile hotspots would be that it uses up data plans and depletes phone batteries. In addition, if you have several devices linked, your phone may become warm. Additionally, while you are going overseas, it won’t be appropriate. Further, your data speed and the gadget you’re using will determine how many devices you may link to the mobile hotspot.

How to Set Up Wi-Fi in Your Car

2. Mobile hotspot with WiFI

It is best to give up utilizing the mobile hotspot when you require constant calls with your relatives or coworkers yet need unbroken WI-Fi connectivity. Internet access will be hampered by phone calls made over the mobile network.

Alternatively, you can consider obtaining a broadband internet gadget that serves as a specialized hotspot. You’ll be able to access the internet continuously anywhere the cell connection is covered.

Similar to a smartphone, these gadgets can link to mobile internet networks. In addition, you may connect your devices to the wireless network created by it. Don’t anticipate the gadget to perform more tasks than a cell phone can, though.

It is always wise to utilize a reliable VPN such as VeePN whenever you are out and about, along with surfing on your internet. It will ensure the security of your data and ensure that the true meaning of VPN is fulfilled.

You may use portable Wi-Fi hotspots beyond your automobile, such as at a store or even at the seaside, and they offer a variety of data packages. It doesn’t depend on batteries; instead, it draws power through a USB device.

3. OBD-II Equipment

Onboard Diagnostic port (OBD-II) and other car Wi-Fi attachments are the best options if you search for a much more long-term fix. The OBD-II-based system, however, needs a 4G LTE Card reader and a data package from a mobile provider. In addition, some OBD-II Wi-Fi Connectivity solutions call for many hardware components.

For instance, the Verizon Hum automobile Wi-Fi solution includes the Hum Microphone, an OBD Reader, and a specific phone app enabling operation management. The Samsung HARMAN Spark is a good option if you want a compact, concrete answer.

The Wi-Fi gadget will function as long as the OBD-II port has electricity. Thus, Wi-Fi in a vehicle doesn’t work if the motor is turned off. However, installation is simple as you only need to put this gadget into the car’s OBD-II port.

The connection is the one that professionals use to diagnose computers. Since 1996, vehicles in the States have featured this connection. If you’re unsure where it is, look just under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel.

4. Install a 4G LTE WiFI modem or router

You may provide your automobile with the most dependable way to access Wi-Fi by securely deploying a wireless modem or router. However, contrary to the alternative methods, it is also the most costly and lowest portable option for obtaining Wi-Fi in an old automobile.

This gadget is simple to install and remove. Compared to the adapter and smartphone, it also provides a stronger connection. Additionally, this gadget has Ethernet or USB connections that you may utilize.

The primary benefit of implementing it is that all gadgets, including computers, cellphones, tablets, and even MP3 players, may be connected to its system.

5. Unique Car Wi-Fi Packages from Different Brands

Additionally, you may purchase unique bundles and gadgets for your vehicle’s WiFI. Several auto safety and network operators offer these tailored programs for your car.

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE

In addition to getting your vehicle brighter, this gadget will turn this into a Wi-Fi network compatible with any LTEs. It allows for the connecting of four or five Wi-Fi-compatible devices.

Before deciding to use this service, ensure your vehicle brand is compatible with it.

Toyota Wi-Fi Connect

Only owners of Toyota vehicles are eligible for this specific service. Whether you have AT&T mobile hotspots or not, you may use this service for $20 – $200. Inside a vehicle, it enables up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


Along with providing auto safety features, OnStar also uses Wi-Fi connectivity in the car to keep it online. It covers Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, and General Motors.

You may connect your old automobile to Wi-Fi using any methods provided. These should, however, need some financial investment. In addition, you must park your car near a location with an accessible community hotspot when you wish to access Wi-Fi for nothing in your vehicle.

Universities, libraries, state buildings, and eateries are some locations with free WiFI. While utilizing this Wi-Fi, you could enjoy excellent downloading or internet speeds; remember that you’re just paying for the service. Additionally, you may use your home broadband company’s open hotspot to get unlimited WiFI.